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  1. Health Checkup (Regular) : This plan offers the following tests. Physical Examination, CBC, ESR, FBS, PPBS, LIPID PROFILE, SGPT, CREATININE, TSH, URINE ROUTINE, STOOL ROUTINE, X-RAY CHEST, and ECG.
  2. Comprehensive Health Checkup: This plan offers all the tests of the health checkup plan plus liver function tests, Kidney function tests too.
  3. Pre-employment Checkup: It has the following tests: Physical Examination CBC, ESR, Blood group, FBS, HIV, HBSAg, Lipid profile, Urine Routine, X-ray Chest, ECG.
  4. Diabetic Profile : This offers FBS, PPBS, Glycosylated Hemoglobin, Urine Micro albumin.
  5. Hypertension Profile : This plan offers Lipid profile, S.Creatinine, FBS, PPBS, and ECG
  6. P.U. O (fever profile) : CBC, ESR, MP, WIDAL URINE, SGPT.
  7. Pre-operative Profile : CBC, ESR, FBS, PPBS, VDRL, HIV, HBSAg, HCV, URINE ROUTINE, XRAY CHEST and ECG.
  8. Antenatal Profile : Hb, Blood group, FBS, VDRL, HIV, HBSAg, HCV, URINE ROUTINE, TSH.
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