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Frequent Ask Questions (FAQs)

- 10-12 hours fasting is essential for Lipid Profile (cholesterol), Blood glucose fasting, and all health check up plans. Fasting allows you to only drink water in moderate quantities.

- Regular diet and medication should be followed for at least three days prior to undergoing the tests and on the same day of the test. Also, alcohol is prohibited from the day before the test.

- For blood sugar post meal one should note the time of completion of meal and report to the lab exactly at 2 hours after completion. For post glucose time is noted after drinking the required amount of glucose and then exactly at 2 hours one should report to the lab. For both these tests it is very important that one does not eat or drink anything during the two hours except for water.

- A culture report is ready after 3-4 days.

- For a routine urine test, urine sample should be collected in a bottle provided by the lab after cleaning the area well with water. A first morning midstream urine sample should be collected for a culture test ensuring proper cleaning of the area with soap and water before collection. Also, the sample should be collected in a sterilized culture container provided by the lab and submitted as early as possible.

- Minimum 3 days of abstinence is required.

- Prior Appointment is necessary
Overnight fasting essential for 10 -12 hours prior to the health check ups.
Report on empty stomach - only water can be taken.
If you are diabetic, avoid taking your insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning of the health check up. Please carry your insulin / anti diabetic tablets which you can have before or after breakfast in the centre. You can take other regular medicines with water as instructed by your doctor.
Avoid wearing tight clothes, formal clothes, and jewellery. Wear loose clothing and easily removable footwear.
Be on your regular lifestyle and habits for 3 days prior to health check.
Bring all your earlier medical reports, prescriptions if available along with regular medicine when you come for the health check up.
Female guests have to inform the radiographer prior to x Ray investigation if they are pregnant or there is suspicion of pregnancy.

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